Friday, April 11, 2008

Gratitude Journal 9/16/07

Originally published elsewhere on the date indicated

I am grateful today for:

1. ginger tea

2. hot coffee with vanilla soymilk

3. Dayquil, because I've got a terrible cold, yuck!

4. my comfy yoga pants

5. the quiet, little flame of strength I feel inside, even though outside I feel like complete crap

6. my wonderful husband, who went to the store today, walked Lois twice, cleaned the house, and let me take a nap - he's the bomb

7. my cousin-in-law getting married - she's decided to have a destination wedding in Punta Cana in January - yahoo! we are SO there!

8. the smell of the grill on a chilly September Sunday afternoon

9. a short week this week, I'm taking Friday off because I have to work Saturday morning.

10. every new day I have with Lois, because it's usually a day where she teaches me something about myself.

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