Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Best Part of My Day (11/18/07)

Originally published elsewhere on the date indicated

Sunday, and I'm hurting. I herniated a cervical disc, C-5, and so now I'm groggy on muscle relaxers that at least dull the pain to a soft throb, but leave me feeling like a zombie.

It's gray and cold, but I'm excited because Bruce and I will be moving next March to Charlottesville, closer to family, closer to more sun, closer to friends, closer to everything. I can't wait.

The best part of my day today was checking my voicemail and finding that my favorite Ya-Yas were "wayward" :0)

I loved the message guys, you brought me right out of my funk. Kelly, I left you a message sweetie, happy birthday ma deah, welcome to "da club" :0)

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