Monday, May 19, 2008

Kathleen (Katherine) Critzer.

I'm still processing the images/feelings/memories from her funeral, but in the meantime here is what I read as a eulogy. I *so* didn't want to speak, but the pleading and sadness in my grandfather's eyes prevented me from saying no. He kept saying it was what she would have wanted. My sister and cousin spoke also, and in my mind, much more eloquently than me. Sigh. Anyway, here goes...

Marigolds the color of the sun
Peanut butter toast cut into nine perfect pieces
The word "epizoodiks"
The smell of boxwoods in August
Coconut cake, made from scratch, lighter than air
Afternoons in the porch glider, the Sears catalogue on our laps

These are the gifts Muddy gave me.

Her love
Her caring
Her kindness
Her gentle ways
Her strength
Her faith

These are the gifts Katherine gave us all.

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Brooklyn Belle said...

May Muddy and Mom rest in peace. You are in my thoughts...